Making the most of your participation in a virtual event

Before each show you will have many questions like How do I take the most out of our participation? For this you have to know what is what you are going to find in a virtual event? And how can you maximize your investment?

A virtual event has much in common with an onsite fair. How much effort do them in preparing your stand with all the information and interact with users, more volume of information you get. Not only that, but is a new marketing action very positively positioned your brand and / or product.

To help you get the most out of a virtual fair we have written a WHITE PAPER_IMASTE where you will find all the keys to success. Discover what goals you have to take into account the right content to maximize your corporate image, how to attract visitors to your stand, the best way to take advantage of your virtual booth to display information to the different interaction buttons are the secrets to adjust your activity to the calendar of visitors, how to take advantage of an online presentation and the importance of post-fair evaluation process the information received.




Ha comenzado la cuarta edición de la feria virtual de empleo del Instituto de la Ingeniería de España ( que durará hasta el 24 de octubre. Un encuentro entre las empresas más relevantes de cada rama de la ingeniería española, escuelas universitarias y por supuesto, sus protagonistas, los ingenieros.

El Instituto de la Ingeniería de España aplica, como nunca, su función de resolución de problemas utilizando una plataforma innovadora que busca fomentar el acceso al empleo y el intercambio de ideas y conocimiento de los ingenieros en toda España. ¿Cómo? Mediante un encuentro virtual que facilita a los estudiantes y recién licenciados la búsqueda de empleo, así como permite estar al día de las novedades en este sector. Además, posibilita a las empresas más destacadas presentar sus ofertas de empleo y proyectos más significativos .Por último, los colegios profesionales y las escuelas universitarias podrán mostrar sus planes de formación y servicios colegiales.

Se podrá acceder a él a través del enlace, aquí, las empresas dispondrán de un stand virtual habilitado para la recogida de CVs, con posibilidades de chatear con los visitantes, publicar sus ofertas de prácticas y empleo o realizar vídeo-presentaciones. Este año el foro cuenta con la participación de más de 30 entidades participantes como ACCENTURE, INDRA, HUAWEI o DELOITTE y más de treinta Escuelas de ingeniería, Asociaciones y Colegios.

¿Cómo funciona una feria virtual? En una feria virtual, los candidatos pueden acceder a la información de su entidad las 24 horas durante los días que dura la feria, así como dejarle su CV o apuntarse a chats de su empresa desde cualquier lugar ya que se puede acceder a la web desde cualquier ordenador o a través de cualquier smartphones. Las entidades pueden gestionar todo su stand virtual y charlar on-line con los visitantes desde el ordenador de su oficina. Igualmente, gracias al gestor de contenidos, pueden actualizar toda la información ofrecida en su stand desde internet, en tiempo real, y con un solo “clic”.



We will hold the virtual event Desjardins (, from the 15th to 19th of October. It will take place during a week of global cooperatives held in Quebec. It is a 100% corporate event in North America, coordinated by the largest employer of Canada and the largest corporate bank of Canada. Furthermore the project is also 100% bilingual in French and English.

The objectives of the fair are internal communication between departments of Desjardins to teach current employees about their options of internal promotion and for people not working for Desjardins to become familiat with the group. Ultimately, this virtual forum will allow for everyone to discover the vast opportunities at Desjardins.

This platform is a new way to find employment. It offers the services of a fair with the advantages of a virtual environment as there is interactivity between Guest-Enterprise. This interaction is in real time through the integrated chat written, webcasts, corporate videos, test … Being that it is a virtual event you can access all information 24 hours a day. Therefore there is an increased ability to recieve offers and apply for new positions. The cost savings is another major feature since its price is lower than standard shows with savings on travel, hotels, meals and decorating the stand. The image is both attractive and technologically forward for the candidate and Corporatation, with a 3D modern stand, corporate images and videos. Finally, by not requiring travel, you can participate simultaneously in multiple fairs at the same time.

It ‘s a 3D platform available for free on the Internet, that simple!


Le salon virtuel Desjardins (, aura lieu du 15 au 19 Octobre, et sera encadrée dans la semaine des coopératives mondiales au Québec. Il s’agit d’un événement 100% corporatif en Amérique du Nord qui aura lieu avec le plus grand employeur au Québec et la plus grande banque coopérative du Canada. Pour une plus grande mesure le projet est 100% bilingue, en français et en anglais.
Les objectifs du salon virtuel sont d’un côté la communication interne entre les départements de Desjardins pour que les différentes personnes connaissent les options de la promotion interne et d´un autre côté pour que les personnes qui ne travaillant pas dans le groupe connaissent Desjardins. En fin de compte, ce forum virtuel permettra trouver toutes les possibilités d’emploi chez Desjardins.

Cette plate-forme est une nouvelle façon de trouver un emploi. Il offre les services d’un évènement présentiel avec les avantages d’un environnement virtuel comme l’interactivité entre clients-entreprises. Cette interaction est en temps réel via chat intégré, webcasts, vidéos d’entreprise, test … Comme c´est virtuel, les personnes peuvent accéder à l’information les 24 heures. Il n’y a donc une capacité pour accrocher les offres illimitées et d’appliquer à ces dernières. Les économies de coûts est une autre caractéristique majeure. Son prix est inférieur puisque on peut économiser sur les voyages, les hôtels, les repas et la décoration du stand. L’image est à la fois attrayante et technologique avec un stand 3D, moderne, l’image de l’entreprise, les vidéos … Enfin, en n’exigeant pas Voyage, vous pouvez participer simultanément à plusieurs salons.

Il s’agit d’une plate-forme 3D disponible gratuitement sur Internet, aussi simple que cela!



Introducing our New Android and iOS app

We´re happy to introduce our new Android and iOS APP. Now, clients using Imaste platform may keep in touch with the attendants to their virtual events and meetings directly on their mobile devices. This new app allows you to keep in contact with these users and let them know details about past and future events. It´s available upon request for Imaste licenses in 2015, but let us show you in advance some screenshots and details about what are we working in.


Users have access to the calendar of incoming events. Once there, users may see more information about each event, which companies have already confirmed, their attendance and add the event to their calendar where they can see the list of the companies that have attended any of the events (past or future). They can also read news about Virtual Events and they will also receive notifications on their mobile devices. Lastly, they can register for virtual events, which take the user directly to the mobile registration site and allows direct communication between users who have the app installed (depending on their notifications set-up).

The mobile app can be personalized on a per client basis. Customization options of the core app developed by Imaste include: Custom images of the events, particularly corporate logos and colors, reports on the activity of the app (number of downloads) and assigned Imaste project manager for keeping updated information shown on the App.


Welcome to IMASTE, Our little virtual world!


We are not Martians even though we belong to world unknown to many; we would like to share it with you. We are restarting our blog. A Journal, where you can find information about our new projects, the latest news about new technologies, interviews with colleagues who will explain the functions developed in the company to lead our particular universe, reports about our industry and tips for a successful virtual event.